About the Lingua Files

The Lingua Files is, as the name would lead you to believe, a site primarily about languages. Our chief goal is to act as a repository for language learning information on the web – be it all-in-one sites that pledge you’ll learn a language if you stick with them or specialized dictionairies.  Our website attempts to publish the most reliable information available; we’re not just a search engine, we make sure that the links we report on work, are relevant, and are reliable. Our interest is in saving you time and helping you learn a new language.

The Lingua Files doesn’t  accept money for reviews, although if you have or know of a great site that isn’t here, we encourage you to write us about it. (And you will be credited for it). We’re all for finding new, useful sites, so send us word if you’ve got one. We want to make sure that all learners, from high school and college students looking to practice what they learn in class to non-traditional students looking to begin to learn a new language – or polishing up an older one. Anyone can learn a new language, and we want to provide you with the tools to do so.

We hope you’ll enjoy the Lingua Files.


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